Born and based in Malaysia, just known as beautiful name Anne since join the blog star, special name as “Meng” from beloved family. The co- founder of Everydaylook_brand & Forever of Glamour(F.O.G) with some friends..and active as  blogger behind  travelbookpage.com

The blog started in 2010 but officially in 2016 and is an online collection of articles about Anne’s love for fashion, life, foods  and especially travel. A Literature Undergraduate at University Malaysia Sabah and continue to Diploma Edu. at UPSI, the blog marries Anne Meng’s  pursuit of creating quality reading content with her love for photography. Through her blog,  she seeks to build a reading community that is equally excited about her love for nature, design and street casual outfits.

Get in touch and say hello at canis_meng@yahoo.com. Do not forget to follow instagram Travelbook_page 😉